About the project

*Every country has different cultures about water.
*It would be interesting to collect stories, myths, songs and pictures about it.
*The “Water” project aims to highlight the importance of water in daily life since ancient times.
 Students collect information about:
*The importance of water for living things (people, animals, forests, plants).
* Rivers, seas, lakes around us. Introduction of the river, lake and sea in each partner country.
* Great geographical discoveries, water as a way.
* Water-giving substance.
*Water cycle.
* Water resources and literature.
* Water traditions, myths, water and religion.
* Protection of water resources.
* Water pollution, melting of glaciers, global warming, climate change.




The objectives of this project are:
* Increasing knowledge and understanding of the importance of water for life.
* To improve students' awareness of their environment.
* Develop students' awareness of song and literature, myths, legends, and water-related traditions.The importance of water, water pollution, melting of glaciers, global warming issues to raise awareness of students.
* Students can be more confident when using new communication technologies (ICT).
* Make new friends.
* Students' democratic participation can teach them what “active citizenship anlama means: cooperation, tolerance, responsibility, finding solutions.
* Students will learn more about their national culture and traditions and other European cultures.
* To understand the importance of water, to know how to prevent global warming and what to do to stop climate change.





* The teacher shows students the tools to be used.
* Students work in small groups.

* Students in small groups form the country team.

* To create mixed country teams from country teams.
* Guiding counselors to country teams and mixed country teams.
* The whole class chooses the best jobs, assembles single parts and creates the project book.
* The task sharing will be explained in detail in the pages and plan of the project.
* The work continues until June 2020.



* Creating painting, creative climate book, poetry and article about nature.
* Creating a common product.
* Improving language skills.
* Using technology efficiently in education.
* Project book will be created.