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About the project

Knowledge of intangible cultural heritage creates a sense of community identity and aims to demonstrate respect for humanity by increasing cultural diversity. At least 10 countries will be included in this project to prepare and share items related to their traditional aspects.
With this project, it is aimed to protect the intangible cultural heritage and to share it with other nations.


Our countries are places with rich cultural treasures. It is aimed to teach these rich cultural heritages in a fluent, entertaining, and attractive way, and to establish the knowledge in a more memorable way.
Our expectation in presenting this project is to carry the cultural aspects forward, to be able to pass it on from generation to generation. As a result, the value of these elements is known in order to leave historical traces on people. This project improves the ability to see, think, and interpret the development of cultures. We aim and hope to teach pupils and then their neighborhood.


Work process

The project that will last for 6 months consists of 5 themes. Each month we will focus on one theme. We will announce the project at school and prepare eTwinning boards. Then we will inform the students and parents about the project. After that; we will gather their permission. Students will be registered in Twinspace .We will then organize the twinspace according to the order of the work. Each student group will consist of at least five students to enable forming mixed country groups Pupils will introduce themselves using Web2.0 tools and share them. Then every month they will update the project boards according to the theme of the month.
November: Preparing the necessary documents
December: Traditional Food&Drink
January: Traditional Dance&Music
February: Traditional Arts
March: Traditional Games
April: Preparing Common work and Dissemination
Pupils will prepare posters, slogans, presentations, and videos related to the theme of the month.

Expected results

With the #GlobalTourBus project, the cultural aspect awareness levels of pupils will increase. They will both search for their own aspects and also learn about other cultures. Transforming all these from previous generations to the next will be fun and educative for every participant internationally.




Our Logo Proposal for Global Tour
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Christmas Cards

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TRADITIONAL music & dances


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09 May: We are celebrating eTwinning Day!

Celebrate the birthday of eTwinning. 

Students talked about eTwinning in one of our radio programme for "Radio Somos Carolina". 

Minute 4.49: students say what eTwinning is for them.

Minute 10.45: students talk about our project Global Tour Bus.

It's in Spanish, but any learner of Spanish can practice listening to it.


Students from the countries taking part in the project sing a song from a different country. In this case it is a Turkish song..

Certificates for student


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Let’s meet and talk about the awesome experience.

Acrostic poem Common work

If the first letter of each line in poems is read from top to bottom, a name appears, it is called acrostic poetry. It is a difficult type of poetry to write. This is because the letter at the beginning of each string must be used. Students from partner countries wrote an acrostic poem…and it was recorded.

Universal Values Salad: Poem Written by Participating Students

"International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination" is celebrated on 21 March each year. As a working group of different nationalities, we prepared this "Universal Values Salad" to draw attention to this day. We hope everyone enjoys the taste…

Special Soup

In this activity we prepared a soup together and prepared a video for it. Today, we are preparing an amazing Global Tour Bus Soup. Let 's start!

e-Twinning Annual Theme 2021: Media Literacy and Disinformation

“There has never been a more urgent need for an Internet free of false or misleading information than during the coronavirus pandemic” (European Commission on Twitter).

This year, 2021, eTwinning focuses on two sides of the same coin: Media literacy, on one side, and how to tackle the phenomenon of disinformation and fake news, on the other. It was made clear during 2020, the year of the corona pandemic, that the exposure of citizens to disinformation is a major challenge not only for adults but also for students.

Global Tour Bus Calendar

2021-2022-2023-2024 Global Tour Bus Calendar

This calendar was designed by the students of Global Tour Bus.

Mentimeter feedback

What do “Global Tour” and “Culture'' mean to you?


What is the first thing you can share about Global Tour Bus?

goodbye poem


Farewell Video

Final Work- Travel Tour Guide

This is our "Travel Tour Guide" which our students prepared as the final work of our Global Tour Bus project. You can see the aspects and tourist attractions of the participating countries. Have a nice trip!