About the project

Taking inspiration from the 13th of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, "Climate Action", Italian and French pupils will work on climate change issues in several languages (mainly in English, Italian and French, but also in Spanish and in German) in order to create multilingual Video News.
The final Video News will include and show many intermediate productions like : interviews to pairs, locals and experts ; reportages about pupils’ countries and local political decisions about the climate crisis ; and so on…


The project has been driven by the need to ensure our 21st Century students gain the skills essential for building Europe's sustainable, smart and inclusive economy and welfare and to help them to participate in a society in which science and technology are increasingly important to face the uncertain future climate change brings. Humanities, social studies and languages are also essential as they contribute to develop social creative skills, social responsibility, mutual understanding and tolerance. The main goals of the project will be :
- to make the pupils more aware of climate change issues
- to learn more about this subject through multilingual research
- to encourage real behavioural changes in everyday life
- to have the students develop life skills so as to be prepared to face the challenges of the future
The pupils will develop or improve the following competences : mediation, oral and written interaction, teamwork.

Work process

After an introduction about eSafety issues, RGPD and the Etwinning Netiquette, the pupils will have access to the TwinSpace where they will find some ice-breaking activities in order to get to know each other (i.e. presentations).
Each school will choose a number of 4 pupils, the digital experts, who will be responsible of uploading files/videos within the given deadline, and of the editing of the final video. Pupils will be paired up (one Italian and one French student) so as to foster communication in foreign languages.
Pupils will work on the project in regular classes, one hour per week. They will also be invited to work together on the TwinSpace from home. The pupils’ work will be based on the following routine : research → production → evaluation. The productions will include : a logo challenge, some questionnaires (i.e. how green are you?), creativity challenges, interviews, debates, call for green ideas.

Expected results

The project will promote all participants' sense of being part of a wider European community. Impact of Green Teens News (GTN) on students: strong bonds with students from partner schools; awareness of the connection between their environmental attitudes and the future opportunities changes bring; improvement of their competence of intercultural understanding in regard to social, historical, geographical and cultural backgrounds of the participants; enhancement of critical thinking, willingness to move beyond their comfort zones, self-esteem, foreign languages skills, face to face interaction, communication via social media and eTwinning; motivation to study foreign languages; more active participation in democratic and intrapersonal processes as important aspects in the future; knowledge of the EU for their personal career progression; experiences in Internet-based teamwork ; motivation to active citizenship as a way to contribute to meeting environmental challenges.

students' presentations

logo challenge

christmas cards

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how green are you?


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Los alumnos trabajan en 3 campos:

  1. Feedback del trabajo en grupos internacionales 

  2. Feedback  de eTwinning y el proyecto Green Teen News

  3. Trabajos creativos: poemas, dibujos, videos, presentaciones

4. Entrega de certificados a los alumnos participantes.